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Si-Herb Dressing

New patented technology for open wounds.

It is composed of a flexible polyester mesh pregnated with hydrocolloid and Herbal complex particles.

Clinical proven to improve wounds healing properties, create moist wound-healing with pain-free dressing changes. Improved patient comfort.

  1. Cleanse the wound with saline solution. It can be used with antiseptic which can be applied in case of infected wound by applying it on the wound first, then sticking it with Si-Herb
  2. Peel the plastic out without touching the net.
  3. Glue the Si-Herb on the wound and peel the plastic out.
  4. Apply the paster on the top.

Non to low exuding wounds ( Dermabrasions, Traumatic wounds, Surgical wounds, Skin tears)

  • Cut it into a shape that you want.
  • Change it every 24-72 hours depends on the amount of liquid and types of the wound.