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SOS Plus Multi Finger Splint

  • Fixable without bandage : Designed developed to be fixed by product itself.
  • Multi-purpose : Applicable to all the common fracture and simple surgery
  • Good design : Advanced design produced in line with global trend.
  • Perfect fixation :  Fixing perfectly made.
  • Easy to use : Convenience of use guaranteed.

No.1 5 cm

No.2 6 cm

No.3 7 cm

  1. Choose the suitable size of a SOS Plus Multi Finger Splint to fit patients’ finger.
  2. Place a hand on a flat ground and insert a finger or joints in SOS Plus Multi Finger Splint 
  3. Put the splint in a the finger which is Injured untill it cover all over an area you want.
  4. An arm should be gently folded with a foam and a finger should not shift
  5. SOS Plus Multi Finger Splint will make a finger immovable and one should not bend a finger when wearing a splint
  6. When one want to remove a splint out of one’s finger, open the latch and then slowly push a SOS Plus Multi Finger Splint  away from the finger.
  7. If a splint gets dirty, wash it with soap and let it dry. Do not use hair dryer or dry in the sun
  8. SOS Plus Multi Finger Splint can not be used during shower or in activities involving water. It would be best to cover it with glove or a waterproof equipment